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1. Non Followers. These are users you follow, but they do not follow you back. These users will be listed with an unfollow button on the right. The Non Followers list is sorted by Oldest first. The accounts you followed long back will show up at the top and ones you followed recently appear as you scroll down and make your way through to the bottom. 2. Recent Followers and Unfollowers. These are users who've followed and unfollowed you recently. You may or may not be following them. You can easily send a new direct message and/or mention new followers by adding a script in Automate section. 3. Fans. These are users you do not follow, but they follow you. 4. Statistics. Shows how many new followers and unfollowers you got daily. 5. Followers Search. Copy followers from similar accounts or competitors. Copy the most engaged and active followers. Add the username of the account you want to copy followers from in the text box provided and press enter. 6. Keyword Search. 7. Publish. Allows you to post now or schedule tweets for later. 8. Lists. Create lists by interest to easily mention or send direct messages to promote your product. 9. Automate. Will prepare a new Direct Message and/or Mention tweet in Recent Followers section. 10. Whitelist. Is a list of people you never want to unfollow, even if they unfollow you. If you add someone to the whitelist, we'll never show that person as a suggestion for you to unfollow. 11. Blacklist. Is a list of people you never want to follow, even if they follow you. If you add someone to the blacklist, we'll never show that person as a suggestion for you to follow. 12. All Following. Use this feature to see all those you are following on Twitter. Not something we endorse, but some users use it to start afresh, when their time lines have got too cluttered. Verified. Shows accounts with the blue verified badge. These could be celebrities, organizations etc. Inactive. This feature shows people who haven't been active on Twitter for a while. 13. My Followers. See all those who are following you on Twitter. TOP PANNEL. Easily select multiple accounts, add to lists, mention, send direct messages to all selected accounts.

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